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Ritė Korum Axis 4000



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The Korum Axis reels have been specially developed for a variety of modern fishing techniques. With S-Stroke for perfect line lay, a smooth braking system and precise carbon steel ball bearings, they have all the properties to withstand the stresses of frequent casting and playing. The reels can be fished with monofilament, braided or fluorocarbon line with ease – they are the most versatile reels we have ever built.- 5 carbon steel ball bearings- One-way clutch with anti-reverse- Sturdy graphite body and rotor- Anti-twist titanium line roller- Oversized aluminum bail with computer-analyzed, balanced rotor – Milled, anodized aluminum spool- Line-friendly aluminum line clip- Compact aluminum handle for right-/left-handers- Rubber grip with recess for more comfort- S-Stroke system for perfect line layLINE CAPACITYlb/yds 20/120 30/85 40/70MM/M 0.18/175 0.22 /120 0.24/100GEAR RATIO 5.0:1WEIGHT 270g

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